Party & Event Hire

LittleCwtch are available to hire for birthday parties of any age. LittleCwtch has completed a number of parties with a number of different themes. Personalised quotes are available on request. We will take into consideration the length of time needed and travel. We can supply a dance workshop from 45 min up to an hour. This time duration works well to keep the children entertained and to have their full attention during party time. 

If there is a specific theme that you would like us to add too our workshop time we are also happy to do so. A small deposit is required to secure your booking along with a completed booking form. 


During the party LittleCwtch workshop, we will use a number of different props to well-known pop, Disney, children's music. If requested we can also run well-known childrens party games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and musical chairs. The teacher may require help with chairs etc if these games are played. 


"A Massive Thankyou to Little Cwtch for Nia and Callums Birthday Party today!! They all had a Wonderful time xxxx" - Hannah Price 

LittleCwtch are also available to hire for wedding days and events to entertain the children during a very busy and special day. We have attended a number of weddings which are specific to the bride and groom with arrangments. A separate room at the venue would need to be available for us to set up a number of different toys and games to entertain the children. We also provide a sleeping area just in case those little ones want to rest their eyes for a quick nap. We can also include feeding the children their lunch/dinner if you required us to do so. Most parents leave the children with us to go and enjoy the speeches or to finish off their half eaten meal. 

All of this is available in a set price agreed with the bride and groom and will include travel, set up time and staffing. 

Please contact us for a bespoke quote. 




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