LittleCwtch Timetable

LittleCwtch Class Timetable on a weekly basis. Please bare in mind that terms run for 6 weeks. 




@ Brecon Subud Hall

LittleCwtch Sensory class 9:30am until 10:15am (6 weeks to 13 months)

LittleCwtch Multi Activity Class (1) 10:45am until 11:30am (14 months to 3 years)

LittleCwtch Multi Activity Class (2) 11:45am until 12:30pm (14 months to 3 years)




Jitterbugs @ Llangorse School Hall 

4-7 yrs 3:45pm until 4:30pm




Jitterbugs @ Hay on Wye School Hall

4-7yrs 4pm until 4:45pm




Brecon Jitterbugs at Brecon Subud Hall

4-7 yrs 4pm until 4:45pm 

Cant find a class near you ................ 

Please contact us all the same. If there is enough interest from an area

then future classes can open



Sensory (6 weeks) - £27 per child 

Jitterbugs (6 weeks) - £29.50 per child 

LittleCwtch also offer a £5 sibling discount when booking 2 or more classes