Childminding ​

LittleCwtch Childminding is no OPEN ! 

This is a new business adventure for Rowan and the LittleCwtch family. 

If you would be interested in your child attending LittleCwtch childminding please contact us. 

Rowan will be providing a safe, happy, caring and educational setting for children aged 5 and under. I will be working closely with parent/carers to ensure I meet the children personal needs. All children will be supported in all areas of development through play, care and learning. Each child and their well-being will be at the forefront of LittleCwtch childmindings setting at all times. My area of expertise is sensory based activities with under 5 year olds which I will be highlighting and including in my day to day running of LittleCwtch Childminding. I also have a very wide range of soft play, sensory, instruments and other resources available to use with the children.

Please find below a number of LittleCwtch Childminding policies and procedures that will be followed at all times.  

Additional Needs Policy 

Admissions Policy 

Behavioural Management Policy

Child Protection Policy and Procedure 

Complaints Procedure 

Confidentiality Policy

Emergency Policy and Procedure 

Equal Opportunities Policy 

Childminding Fees Policy 

Lost and Uncollected Child Policy and Procedure 

Medication and Illness Policy and Procedure 

Nappy Changing Policy and Procedure 

Operational plan, policy and procedure 

Pet and other animal Policy