Sensory & Multi Activity Class​

LittleCwtch sensory and multi activity classes
are available for children aged 6 weeks to 3 years. 

LittleCwtch classes combine fun, colour, props, stories, bubbles and well-known children's music. Each class will teach your little one fundamental movement, social and everyday skills in a friendly and exciting environment.   

LittleCwtch baby :6 weeks to 12 months
LittleCwtch multi activity : 13 months to 3 years



All classes will involve a number of benefits to the children; such as counting, colours, animals, directions, language, socialising, motor skills, coordination, 

confidence and general day to day skills. 

LittleCwtch baby classes are based on a different theme or topic
and run for 6 weeks:
* A day at the farm
* Christmas time adventures
* At the bottom of the sea
* The Circus

* LittleCwtch safari trip
* Best of/glow in the dark

Each theme will be creative, involve sensory learning,
enhance children's natural movements, learning songs along with actions, learning with props and materials, baby massage and above all, having fun!!

Price - £27 for the 6 week term 

LittleCwtch also offer a £5 sibling discount when booking 2 or more classes