LittleCwtch Jitterbugs

Jitterbugs dance class is an all style class for children aged 7-10 years. This class will use a mixture of dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and lots more. Learning basic dance techniques, exercises and routines with music and props. 


During the 45 minute class time, a gentle warm-up is completed to prepare the dancers for their class. The class is a step up from the Jitterbugs Minis class which means the children are challenged more in their dancing and the class is slightly more disciplined so the children can learn complicated techniques to aid the dance routine they are currently learning. 


We have had great fun to learn a number of well-known dance routines including The greatest showman, Moana, singing in the rain and ballroom music. During some terms we may use fun props to assist a dance routine such as scarves, canes, umbrellas and hats. Some terms the children may learn 'tricks' which can be added to dance routines. These may include cartwheels, teddy bear roles, back roles, handstands and even flips over partners back. During class, the children may be introduced to using technology and video analysis to help learn new techniques/dances and also give the children a chance to look at there own dancing so they can give themselves positive and constructive feedback. 


Jitterbugs dance class will teach your child a number of fundamental skills that can be used in a number of different ways:

- Coordination

- Discipline


- dance terminology 

- hand-eye coordination 

- listening 


Jitterbugs class is a great class to learn fundamental dance techniques in a very friendly setting whilst of course having fun. 

Price - £29.50 for a 6 week term 


LittleCwtch also offer a £5 sibling discount when booking 2 or more classes