LittleCwtch Jitterbugs Minis

Jitterbugs Minis is a fun-filled dance class which uses creative games, colourful props and upbeat music. Classes are taught in a friendly environment building creativity, imagination and excitement within dance


The class is 45 minutes long and consists of:

- Warm up exercises

- Movement sequence across the room

- Using props to complete fun movement based tasks and exercises. For example parachute and beanbag balancing. 

- Learning a dance sequence created specifically for the class

- Cool down and stretching exercises


Your child will learn a number of different skills when attending Jitterbugs


- Social skills 

- Coordination

- Self-confidence

- Listening 

- Dance vocabulary

- Teamwork

- Creative thinking

- Creativity 


The children will also get the chance to collaborative as a team and create and choreograph dance routines.


Annual shows will be available for parents, guardians and other family members will get the chance to come and see the children perform dance routines that they have learnt throughout the term/year. 


Classes are also available in a number of the different venue so please get in touch!


Classes are available for children aged 4 - 7 years. Your child may start if they are younger than 4 as long as they are confident enough. 

Price - £29.50 for 6 week term 


LittleCwtch also offer a £5 sibling discount when booking 2 or more classes