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Please read the information below before purchasing/using LittleCwtch's LittleBox resources. Whilst using the LittleBox service it is at your sole risk.


Products in the LittleCwtch LittleBox are used at your sole risk. The resources and items within the LittleBox sensory packages are not sold as toys, teethers, therefore all of the objects must be used with adult supervision at all times and will only be used for sensory education needs. All resources and items should be thoroughly checked over to ensure everything is at specified quality before each use. Please do not allow babies or toddlers to eat or mouth any of the resources and items presented in the LittleCwtch LittleBox. General wear and tear will occur over a certain time period and some resources and items should be thrown away/discarded straight away if they break or deteriorate. Colours of the resources and items will fade over time and change when wet and should be handwashed after each use to ensure maximum hygiene. The colour and size of the resources and items in the LittleCwtch LittleBox may vary from the marketed pictures found on our website and social media pages. LittleCwtch reserve the right to remove these pictures at any time if they see fit. All hard surfaced recourses and items will be disinfected before boxed up and shipped to the consumer.


Due to the nature of the educational sensory play some items within our LittleCwtch LittleBox do not come CE Marked or items such as foil blanket, scarves, bubble wrap, tissue paper are not designed as toys. LittleCwtch DO NOT advertise our LittleCwtch LittleBox as “Toy box” or the contents within in at any point. Some items included may contain an age recommendation (for example not suitable for 0-3 years). The use of the recourses and items in LittleCwtch LittleBox, as stated above, are to be used as sensory aids only and under adult supervision at all times. LittleCwtch LittleBox, under NO circumstances, will be held liable for any injuries occurred from using the recourses and items given. We strongly recommended that you take a look at our pictures provided on the LittleCwtch website and social media pages and familiarise yourself with the LittleCwtch LittleBox disclaimer before purchasing a LittleCwtch LittleBox. It is then up to yourself whether you believe it is suitable for your child to use. Also, LittleCwtch makes no warranty that the service, resources, items and products received will meet your expectations and requirement. Every child is different. You therefore understand and agree that LittleCwtch LittleBox are NOT liable for any indirect, direct or consequential damages as a result of using LittleCwtch LittleBox.


Legislation under the Product Safety and Metrology etc. (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 Act; “SCHEDULE 1 PRODUCTS THAT ARE NOT TOYS, para 14 states;

“Products intended for use for educational purposes in schools and other pedagogical contexts under the surveillance of an adult instructor, such as science equipment.”

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LittleCwtch LittleBox will always ensure that resources and items are at the highest standard possible when posting to our consumers. If you have an queries with your order/purchase please get in touch via and if we feel that we have not given you as describes or stated and you are not satisfied with your order a full refund will be given once the LittleCwtch LittleBox has been sent back to us and been received. If you have purchased a LittleCwtch LittleBox and would like to cancel your order please let us know as soon as possible to allow a refund to be given and purchased not to be posted.

Once your package from LittleCwtch LittleBox has been shipped via our postal service we are not liable for the damage or loss of a package. LittleCwtch will try their best to adder to the order arriving at its destination however please allow a short delay in receiving your package if damage or loss occurs during transit.