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LittleCwtch's LittleBox



LittleCwtch's LittleBox is an educational sensory learning box sent straight to your door to enjoy at home. Filled with a number of different items for your child to use to develop fundamental skills from babies aged 6 weeks up to children aged around 3 years. 

Using knowledge from running LittleCwtch sensory and dance classes we have developed this neatly packaged box. 

Sensory Resources


We also have available a selection of Sensory, early learning resources. Please click on the link to visit out LittleCwtcn Etsy Shop to purchase today. Please note that new resources and items are being added each week. 

LittleCwtch LittleThreads



LittleCwtch's LittleThreads are designed and made by LittleCwtch. Each tshirt is bleach tie die and can also be personalised with initials to make them that little bit more unique. A wide selection of sizes and colours are available for Chidlren and Adults. 

Please Visit our Etsy LittleCwtch Shop to Purchase today ! 

Tie Die Childrens Top
Tie Die Kids Tshirt
Personalised Initial Tie Die Top

LittleCwtch Crayons 

LittleCwtch Crayons are hand made in Miss Rowans home. Personalised colours and names as well as the full alphabet are available. Lots to choose from and can be used as a great gift for children. Each name comes wrapped and boxed ready to be passed on as the perfect present. These can also aid learning development when the full alphabet is brought. Grab yours today via the LittleCwtch etsy shop! 

LittleCwtch's Shop Journey 

This concept came from being stuck in the house during Covid 19 lockdown in 2020. Due to the lockdown i was unable to run LittleCwtch Sensory and Dance classes in the usual locations and was having to change lesson plans to suit at home learning through virtual online classes. A lot of parents had lost their jobs and some little ones just didn't like doing classes at home via a screen. So LittleCwtch's Etsy Shop was created. 

Our Littlebox's are filled with a number of sensory recourses and items to aid in early learn development. We have also made the boxes ourselves with some homemade items inside also to add that personal touch. Activity cards have also been designs to give ideas on how to use the resources for a particular aged chid. The knowledge from LittleCwtch sensory classes has been added to these boxes. Enjoy the items and resources in the comfort of your own home and when it suits you best. 

LittleCwtch Shop also offers lettered crayons which can be personalised into the children's names. Can also be personalised with chosen colours. These are also made within Miss Rowans home. LittleCwtch also offers the full alphabet to help develop learning and fun all in one. 

LittleCwtch shop also now offers personalised initial tie dye t-shirts for all ages (children and adults). As well as personalised tie dye tote bags. These are again tie dyed within Miss Rowans home and come in a variety of colours and designs. 

I hope to be able to offer themed boxes in the future with summer holidays, halloween and Christmas ideas in mind. I would also hope to be able to offer personalised boxes that can be given as gifts for birthday, christenings, Christmas and easter. 

Lots of ideas and a lot of time at home with 2 children has sparked our new created LittleCwtch mind. I really hope you enjoy the product and please bare in mind that there will be a limited number available so make sure to get yours before we sell out.